14K GOLD WEDDING BAND WITH HAMMERED WHITE GOLD & ANTLER INLAY (available in 14K rose, white & yellow gold)

Men's rose gold wedding band with hammered white gold and elk antler inlay.
Custom rose gold men's wedding band with antler and white gold inlay.
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Men's rose gold wedding band with hammered white gold and elk antler inlay.
Custom rose gold men's wedding band with antler and white gold inlay.
rose gold hammered gold ant2.jpg

14K GOLD WEDDING BAND WITH HAMMERED WHITE GOLD & ANTLER INLAY (available in 14K rose, white & yellow gold)

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Each of our rings is a handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece, and is made to order for you and your significant other by a passionate and skilled artisan. This ring features a 14K rose gold base, with elk antler and a hammered 14K white gold inlay. Additional wood & inlay options available upon request.

The width of the ring pictured is approximately 7-8mm wide, but can be ordered in a custom width. If you prefer the ring in a larger width there is a small upgrade cost, however once your order has been placed we can reach out to you for payment. Please state your desired width in the Notes to Seller section during checkout.

This ring base is available in: 14K WHITE, YELLOW, OR ROSE GOLD

Please note that when you are selecting your desired metal from the drop down menu you're selecting the BASE metal, not the metal to be used for the inlay. The gold inlay for this ring can be made with 14K rose, white, or yellow gold. If you'd like to switch the inlay metal you can specify which you'd like in the Notes to Seller section. If you do not specify we will assume you want the metal stated in the product title.

This ring may be pictured in metals that differ from what is stated in the title description. This is to show you what the ring looks like in a different metal, but you can select your desired metal from the drop down menu. 

We love taking on custom orders! If you have your own idea for a design reach out to us in the contact section of the website. We would love to make something as unique and special as the love you have found.

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Lead Time: Our lead time for titanium rings is 6 WEEKS from the date of purchase or 8 WEEKS if you are ordering a ring containing any other metal (silver, black zirconium, etc.).

Need Your Ring Sooner?

If you're in a time crunch and need your ring sooner than our 6-8 week lead time we do offer a rush service fee. Please email us at info@stagheaddesigns.com for further details!

Variation in Materials: Because we use natural and unique materials in our rings, variation must be expected. No two rings will look the same, making your ring truly unique! Each piece of natural material will have unique patterns, grains, colors, etc.. 

Sizing: Our rings are true to international sizing standards, within a tenth of a millimeter. Before ordering, we recommend getting sized by two or three reputable jewelers using standard fit rings (not comfort fit) that are the same width as the ring you would like to order from us. Please do not use the thin sizing rings that jewelers have as these are not accurate.

If possible, get the millimeter measurement of the inside diameter of the ring that fits with a digital caliper. This will always be the most accurate way for us to size rings. Lastly, do not allow a jeweler to give you a size according to a "ring-sizing dowel", as in our experience this measuring method and reading be very inconsistent. 

If a ring is ordered in the wrong size we do not offer free resizing or remakes, so be sure you are sized correctly! Due to the use of natural materials in our rings, most of them cannot be simply resized, they must be rebuilt from scratch.


We take pride in our craftsmanship and quality and do everything we can to make our rings as durable as possible. However, the materials we use are natural and thus can be vulnerable to water, chemicals and breakage from impact. For this reason we are offering a lifetime limited warranty, which will give you peace of mind and keep your handcrafted ring protected and looking great for years to come!

**Warranty must be purchased along with your ring or prior to receiving your ring in the mail.

What Is Covered & Included?

2 Free Repairs or Remakes (coverage available for the following issues):

Water or Chemical Damage: Your warranty will cover any remakes or repairs of damage to the natural materials caused by water or chemicals.

Impact, Scratching or Accidental Damage:  Your warranty covers all remakes and repairs to natural materials caused by impact, scratching or other accident related abuse.

**We do not offer free coverage or replacement for structural damage to the metal base of your ring, so please try not to drop a transmission on it. Keep your fingers safe.

**We do not offer coverage for lost or damaged precious stones.

2 Free Reseal and Re-Polishes: We understand you love your ring and want to wear it everyday. If it gets worn and scuffed, send it back for a reseal and polish and we will send it back fresh and clean!


60% OFF Resizing Remakes:  Due to the natural material used in your handcrafted ring, resizing your ring actually means rebuilding the ring from scratch. With the purchase of our lifetime-limited warranty, you will receive a 60% discount on your new, resized ring in exchange for your original ring.

20% OFF Remakes Due to Structural Damage: Although we cannot cover against structural damage to the base metal of your ring, we understand accidents happen and will offer 20% off the remake of a new ring. 

If you would like to purchase the warranty with your ring you will be provided the option to do so from the Material & Warranty drop down menu below.

OTHER GIFTS: We also offer custom, matching cufflinks for any ring as well as groomsmen's gifts like hatchets and wood tie bars! Be sure to check out the Gifts page for additional products.

To learn about our Care Guidelines for your ring please visit the Policies page of our website.

We would be honored to craft a unique ring for you so you can WEAR AND BE WILD!

Material & Warranty:
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Ring engravings are not available for rings that have wood, antler or stone on the inside of the ring. We recommend keeping your engraving between 30-40 characters of text.

For engraving requests involving custom images sent in (or if you request we find an image for you), handwriting, and hand drawings please click HERE.

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Our guess is that you visited our site because you wanted a custom & unique wedding band for yourself or your significant other. We also presume (because you are so rugged, cool, wild & tough) that you sometimes find yourself participating in activities that are a little less than gentle on your hands. For this reason we have developed a ring that you can slip on in exchange for your custom band, while participating in activities that might be dangerous to your hands or your ring. 

Our silicone rings are both safe and comfortable. They are soft enough to bend and compress with your movement but rigid enough to withstand the abuse you throw at them. They also sport the super cool antlers from our logo!

Our silicone rings are in stock and ready to ship. They do not have the same 6 week lead time as do our custom rings and will be processed and on their way within a week.


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