“Staghead Designs began with a love of exploring and a need to create. Along the way, I wanted to provide something to those who wanted something more unique and meaningful for wedding bands. Something that spoke to them about who they are.”

How Did Staghead Designs Begin?

Staghead Designs began with a love of exploring and a need to create.  When I was looking for a wedding band, I felt like the men’s wedding band market was missing creativity, meaning and care.  All the designs were the same uninspired and mass produced product, made using cold and unimaginative materials. Where did my unique personality and style fit in?  I wanted to provide something for those who wanted a more unique and meaningful symbol for their love. Something that spoke to them about who they are and what their love represents. One day while hiking near our home, we stumbled across an antler shed. My wife suggested I try making a ring from the shed, as it would represent our passion for craftsmanship and our love for the outdoors.  We quickly found that I wasn’t the only one who wanted something unique and wild based on the compliments and ring requests I was receiving. We started fulfilling those ring requests from a makeshift workshop on the living room floor of the little house we rented after getting married. Now, because of your overwhelming support, we have had the opportunity to help tens of thousands of couples design and receive a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted ring, that represents their love!

What Do You Get When You Order A Staghead Ring?

A meaningful symbol of your love, handcrafted by an artisan & made to order using your design notes & meaningful materials! There is no mass production, each ring is worked on start to finish by an artisan and no two rings will ever look the same. Using organic materials further ensures that your ring will possess one-of-a-kind colors, patterns & characteristics! All of our materials are ethically sourced. Our antler is ethically collected from naturally shed antler, found around the Wasatch Mountain Range, and our woods are either locally reclaimed or ethically collected exotic hardwoods.