To ensure you order the correct size of ring please follow the guidelines below. We do not offer free resizings or remakes, so be sure you order the correct size!

Our rings are true to international sizing standards, within a tenth of a millimeter. Before ordering, we recommend getting sized by two or three reputable jewelers, using standard fit rings that are the same width (the majority of our men's rings are pictured between 6-8mm wide) as the ring you would like to order from us. Please do not use the thin sizing rings that jewelers have as these are not accurate and an actual ring will be tighter (because of added width) than the sizing rings that are used. If possible, get the millimeter measurement of the inside diameter of the ring that fits with a digital caliper. This will always be the most accurate way for us to size rings. Our acceptable tolerance on every ring is +/- a tenth of a millimeter.

We use our own method to create comfort of wear on our rings, which is different than what is referred to as "comfort fit" at most jewelry stores. For this reason, try on standard fit rings. We provide a beveled cut edge and will thus be more comfortable to the wearer than a typical standard fit ring. Lastly, do not allow a jeweler to give you a size according to a ‘ring-sizing dowel’, as in our experience with the dozen or so dowels we have in our own shop they all measure differently and can vary based on how the jeweler was trained to read it. A ring can be off by a half size or more, depending on the dowel.  If you have any questions about sizing or otherwise, you can always shoot us an email and we will do our best to answer your questions.  

Rings ordered in size 13 or larger are subject to a increased material fee starting at $30 in titanium. Rings ordered wider than 8mm will be subject to a similar charge.