While we do everything we can to make each ring as durable as possible, we do use natural materials in our rings which require extra care and the rings are not indestructible. Because of these natural materials your ring should not be expected to withstand the same amount of abuse as a solid metal ring would.  We apply a sealant to each ring, similar to a sealant that would be applied to hardwood floors. Our rings should not be exposed to water - including hand-washing, showering, swimming, etc. - or harsh chemicals such as hand sanitizer as this can cause the sealant to deteriorate and cause further damage to the antler, wood, and other materials. We do offer a lifetime-limited warranty to repair, reseal and re-polish rings as needed. Please see that page for further information.

We can repair inlays and liners for a small fee (if no warranty is purchased), but keep in mind the price will vary depending on the amount of damage. Because each ring is a custom commissioned piece we do not offer refunds. We cannot refund a ring that has cracked or broken due to abuse. If your ring has broken or needs repairs please contact us and we will offer solutions. We stand behind our products and are happy to repair your ring so that you can continue to enjoy it.